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Castle VBS with Hey Meisha!

Get ready for VBS 2021!

1. Print the Shopping List

Check out the Shopping List for all the materials you'll need to do the activities for each day of the VBS! Printable version of the shopping list here

2. Get the Daily Agenda

Click the collapsible date boxes to find everything you need for the day including the video and activities! You can find a printable copy of the schedule here: VBS 2021 Agenda

3. Print the Activities

The daily VBS activities will be ready when you are! Print out all of the Workbook for the crafts & recipes, and the Daily Journal.

4. Bookmark Castle™

The events will live stream on Crossroads' video streaming platform Castle. When you registered you had the option to create an account, you can now login to watch from your browser, or install the mobile apps. You can even download videos to watch while offline! Find information on how to Get Started here, and watch some Hey Meisha! here while you wait :)

Contact us!

Questions, comments, epic high-fives? Please email us at [email protected].

holler at us



Welcome to the CASTLE VBS DASHBOARD; your home for everything VBS! Anything you need will be right here: Shopping list, daily agenda, videos, daily downloadable resources, etc. Don't forget to install the Castle app to watch on the go. And now, our host Meisha has a message just for you! Enjoy :)

Come back soon!

Come back soon!

Come back soon!