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Content Selection

Castle’s Content Selection Process

Castle is passionate about serving the Church with free, edifying, family-friendly, faith based content. As a non-profit ministry we operate prayerfully under several constraints. Before adding content to our library we validate it through the following criteria:

1. Is the content in line with the central principles and core beliefs of the Christian faith?

We look for teaching and content that support the Christian biblical worldview, and align with our Statement of Faith. The goal of Castle and its content is to foster personal growth in faith, discipleship, and sanctification.

2. Is the content helpful?

Crossroads and Castle has always been made with the broadest spectrum of Christendom in mind. We are not about a specific doctrine, or denomination, we are here to point people to Jesus. In keeping with this mandate we seek to avoid controversial topics, and present our God and the primary themes of scripture as the attractive truths they are while avoiding topics that are known for creating division in the church.

3. Does the content meet our quality benchmarks?

Castle encourages producers to follow best practices that promote excellence in all aspects of the content’s final presentation:

  • Audio quality
  • Visual quality
  • Direction / Editing quality
  • Clear understandable speaking
  • Ideally include captions and described video

If you have any questions about this please reach out via chat or email us at [email protected]